About Estrella Sports

Estrella Sports Management is a boutique sports management company that specialises in athlete management and marketing. From the day we started, Estrella Sports has been solely committed to having their clients’ back.

We are passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals by always putting their needs first and supporting their potential to make the most of their talents.

Most importantly of all, however, our main focus is to inspire athletes to be the best they can be – both on and off the field – by creating an environment that will ultimately lead to elite, world-class performances.

But we will never lose sight of the need to be humble, both in victory and defeat.

That’s because here at Estrella Sports it’s not about fame and fortune. Sure, we all want success – to represent our country, win medals, break records, take wickets and kick goals – but we are passionate about what we do for the same, simple reason our athletes do what they do:

For the love of the game!