James Murch is one of the finest sports managers I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I do happen to be his wife so I may be a tad bias but I’ve got over 25 years experience in the domestic and international sports industry so I feel that I have a fairly good understanding of what elite athletes need from their manager in order to achieve their goals. You can expect solid guidance, leadership and support from him, whatever stage you’re at in your journey. It’s the qualities I see in James that ensures Estrella Sports’ success.

James always has the athletes best interests at heart. He is an honest and open person who will always give a 100% effort to any task at hand. He understands the sport but is always keen to learn more in order to help improve my career both on and off the track. He is also very patient which to me is invaluable because it means that he believes in me and my goals and isn’t going to give up. All in all, he just wants to help me reach my potential and I think what he is doing and the way he goes about it is incredible.

James is very personable, very genuine and a great communicator. He has a deep love for sport and understands the different elements that go into high performance, allowing smoothing transition through the high and lows of elite sport. Ultimately he’s never really felt like my manager, more a friend who genuinely wants to improve my career and share the journey which to me is most important being an individual athlete.

Trust, devotion and respect are qualities needed between manager and client. James has all three and more, with his love for all sports makes him the perfect fit for any elite athlete looking for that very important guidance to take your game to the next level. James is not only my manager, he’s also a friend that only wants to see me succeed and to reach those childhood dreams we all have.

James is someone I trust completely and I know he always has my best interests at heart. I have been extremely happy with the outcomes he’s been able to achieve on all my contracts and how he’s gone about it. He’s also been willing to support me in any way he can to help me achieve my goals.